The Supply Chain Scheduling (SMART) tool is a Web-based program created by American Woodmark for use by the Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) carrier network to build and sequence incoming stem loads. Delivery Agent locations have the ability to determine which customer orders are to be delivered direct in drop sequence on the stem equipment (Direct), cross-docked onto other equipment in sequence for delivery (Cross dock), or staged in the distribution center for delivery on another day (Dwell). The tool enables the Agent location to maximize trucks and sequence delivery stops in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. At the end of the scheduling process, manifests are created, signed off at the local level, and then reviewed and approved by American Woodmark.

SMART is also used by authorized vendors to process Non-Manufactured Product (NMF) manifests. NMF manifests are created in Load Control Center (LCC) for shipping and tracking products not manufactured by American Woodmark. Attempts are made to "marry" the NMF manifest with the cabinet order at the plant, carrier, or final destination so everything is delivered to the customer together. Using SMART, authorized vendors can ship NMF manifests and print the required paperwork.

Initial access to the SMART tool is through the Supply Chain Web Portal. Users must be granted access to use either the scheduling tool or the portal. For more information about using the portal, see Navigating the Supply Chain Web Portal.

What can I do in SMART?

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Required Startup Tasks (Agents)

Daily Scheduling Tasks (Agents)

Exporting Data (Agents)

Daily Manifest Tasks (Vendors)

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