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This online help tool will help you understand how to improve your experience using the computer systems at American Woodmark Corporation.

Updated 02/02/2016 by Viqui Dill

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Your TSS

Talk to Your Local TSS about Issues Specific to Your Site

Understanding Response Time

Response Time as a Function of File Size

Response Time as a Function of Network and Server Congestion

Response Time as a Function of Distance

Using Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Personal Folders vs. Mailbox Folders


AWC Business Use Only

Regular Housekeeping for Outlook Users

Compacting Your Outlook Files

Archiving Outlook Files

Viewing Outlook Folder Sizes

Using Blind Carbon Copy


From within the Company

From outside the Company

Using Network Drives

File Sharing

File Sharing—the S:\ Drive

Tips for Keeping the S:\ Drive as Clean as Possible

Local File Sharing—the L:\ Drive

File Backup and Retrieval—the U:\ Drive

Tips for Using the U:\ Drive

Mapping to a Network Directory

Compressing Files

How to Use Windows File Compression

About Pictures and Graphics Files

JPEGs vs. GIFs

Scanning DPI

Scanning for Signatures

What's a Pixel?

Resizing Picture Files

Examples of picture files in different sizes

Resizing for On-Screen Viewing

Resizing for Hardcopy Using Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Access

About Printers

About Printers

Cancel Unwanted Jobs in the Printer Queue

Disconnect Printers when You Leave a Remote Site

Map a Network Printer

Common Sense Advice from IT

Back up BEFORE You Travel

Double Check that Power Is On and Everything Is Connected

Good Housekeeping

Log off and Power down at Night

Safeguard Computer Settings

Shut Down the Wireless Network Connection when LAN Connected

Treasure Your Passwords

IT Quick Reference Guide - Orientation handout pdf

Training, Toolbox, and Links





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Your TSS

How to send us a screen shot

Submitting documentation feedback

If you have any questions about the material covered in this document, please see your Technical Support Specialist (TSS).