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Access your Outlook Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, and Public Folders from any computer with Intranet access at

To access AWC Web Mail, complete the following steps:

  1. Connect to the AWC intranet at your site or connect to the internet.

  2. Open an Internet Explorer window, and then type into the Address line.

    The Microsoft Outlook Web App window opens.


  3. Type your User name as your Domain (corporate) \ UserID, and your Password in the areas shown, and then click Sign In.

    The Outlook Web Access window opens, giving you access to your Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, and Public Folders.


  4. To permit Reminders and other pop-up features, enable pop-up windows for this site by clicking the message bar.   

    Select an appropriate option to allow pop-up Reminder windows.

    Clear any confirmation dialog boxes that appear, as appropriate.

    Reminder pop-up dialogs will be enabled.





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