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The American Woodmark Online Directory contains a listing of employees, locations, conference rooms, organization charts, and other information in a searchable, easy-to-use web format. It is available both inside and outside our security firewall and can be accessed on computer desktops, laptops, and smart devices.


Who is my contact for changes and updates?

Find your content manager by location.


How do I . . . ?

How do I bring up the Online Directory from my smart phone, notebook, or other personal device?   

I am a Content Manager. How do I . . .

Handle regular updates and everyday maintenance?
Online Directory Content Manager’s Checklist (pdf)

New employees?

Promotions and transfers?


Terminations and resignations?

Log in as a Content Manager? (page 4)

Change my password?

Update people? (page 7)

Add new people? (page 11)

Add and update resources? (Locations and conference rooms) (page 20)

Add and update Org Charts? (organization charts) (page 30)

See what normal users see? (log out as a content manager) (page 46)

Find complete training and instruction for Content Managers in the power point presentation



Field definitions

Employee Directory

Field name



Full Name

Name as it appears in Outlook in Last, First format

Hardy, Richard

Screen Name

Name the employee goes by

Rick Hardy instead of Richard Hardy


Use the email address

Work Phone

Direct-dial number if one is available. For people who travel routinely, use the mobile phone.



Leave blank unless the Work Phone number cannot be direct-dialed


Mobile Phone

Leave blank unless the number should be public knowledge throughout the organization


Employee Fax

Leave blank unless the fax number is in the employee’s office, e.g. HR confidential faxes


AWC Location

Physical location to which the employee reports, choose from the list

For sales reps, this would be Remodel Sales, Timberlake Sales, or a specific Builder Center


Choose from the list


Job Title

Business card title, spell out abbreviations  

Builder Service Representative instead of BSR


Match the Screen Name (nickname) of the employee's immediate supervisor

Rick Hardy


Territory or territories this person covers (sales reps only)

Southern WA / OR

Shipping Address

Full shipping address, for Sales Reps only   

storage unit address

URL path settings

Skip this section, use the system defaults




Photo guidelines




Portrait or Landscape?

Neither. Square photos display the best in our system.


Shoulder level and above


Neutral, such as a cubicle panel or other wall


Business casual

Color or black and white?



Well lit, using flash if necessary

File format

gif, jpg, jpeg, or png

File size

The system will compress photos after you upload

Employee badge photos or passport photos are acceptable.



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