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How do Contacts work in MaaS360?

There are three different ways to create Contacts for your smartphone or tablet.





Phone contacts

Created on the phone, synchronized with Exchange

Outlook contacts

Created in Outlook, synchronized with MaaS360

MaaS360 contacts

Created in MaaS360, synchronized with Outlook


When you have the same phone and Exchange contacts, and if you don't delete your Exchange account on the phone, and then enroll in MaaS360, you could potentially have 3 of the same contact.

Once you delete the Exchange account off the device, that set of contacts will go away.

When you enroll in MaaS360, those same contacts should export over to the phone side.


How do I fix my MaaS360 and Outlook Contacts to synchronize?

If your MaaS360 and Outlook Contacts do not match, follow these steps.

In the MaaS360 App:

  1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks.

  2. Scroll down to Export Corporate Contacts.

    If this is OFF, turn it on.
    If it's on, turn it OFF then wait a minute or so and turn it back on.

  3. Export will move Outlook contacts into MaaS360 Contacts and should resolve your issues.


About Contacts

Exporting or syncing contacts during enrollment will take ALL of your contacts you have created in Exchange and export/sync them to your Contacts on your mobile device. It does NOT remove them from Exchange, it just places them in your native Contacts app for ease of use.

If you already have these contacts saved to that mobile device you will see duplicate contacts. If you have not removed your Native Mail Exchange/Woodmark account from the device, you will see duplicate contacts.

The only way to remove these duplicates is to ensure the Native Mail Exchange/Woodmark account has been removed, then do some house cleaning on the duplicate contacts manually. These contacts will not link with other contacts, they need to be removed manually.


Josh Keiter — September 5, 2015






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