A Beginner’s Guide to Maas360 

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Created 7/22/2015

A Beginner’s Guide to Maas360

Before enrolling your device (smartphone or tablet) in Maas360 you will need the following information. If you do not know this information, please contact Corporate IT or your TSS for assistance.

 Your AWC Username

 Your AWC Password

 Your iTunes Username (iOS ONLY)

 Your iTunes Password (iOS ONLY)

 Good connection to cellular or wifi internet

You are also required to set a 4 digit pin on your device. This 4 digit pin is required for all mobile devices accessing company information through Maas360 and will ensure your device stays in compliance with our restrictions.

When you receive the enrollment email, navigate using your smartphone or tablet to the URL in the enrollment email. This will begin the process of installing the necessary applications to enroll your device. You’ll need the information from above as well as the passcode that is in the enrollment email.

iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Accept the terms and acceptable use policies and trust the management certificate that will install during the enrollment process. Maas360 will install two icons on your device. Maas360 and App Catalog.

 Tap the Maas360 icon

 Tap Email icon

 Verify your email address and username

 Enter your AWC network password

 Make sure you leave the Export contacts option selected. This will ensure your Outlook contacts are exported over to your device. (See Contacts section in this document)

 Tap Configure

 Emails will begin syncing, calendar events will populate and contacts will Export

Created 7/22/2015

Android Devices

 Install Maas360 app from Google Play Store o NOTE: if you have a Samsung device, make sure you install the Maas360 app that is specific for Samsung.

 Type in full email address

 Enter passcode from Device Enrollment Email

 Accept license agreements

 Accept AWC agreement

 Activate Device Administrator

 Apply Corporate Settings

Once the install of Maas360 is complete, you’ll receive notifications that other apps relating to Maas360 will need to install. The ONLY app necessary to use the features of Maas360 is the Email app. The other apps (Browser, Editor, Doc Viewer, etc.) are not necessary.

 Install Maas360 Mail app

 Go back to Maas360 app and tap Email icon

 Enter AWC Network Password

 Make sure Sync Personal Exchange contacts to Device contacts is checked

 Tap Configure


The final step in enrolling your device is to remove your native mail Exchange/Woodmark account from your device. This will ensure that you are strictly using Maas360 for all mail, calendar and contact information and you’ll remain compliant with all of our data security policies.


Exporting or Syncing contacts during enrollment will take ALL of your contacts you have created in Exchange and export/sync them to your Contacts on your mobile device. It does NOT remove them from Exchange, just places them in your native Contacts ‘app’ for ease of use. If you already have these contacts saved to that mobile device you will see duplicate contacts. If you have not removed your Native Mail Exchange/Woodmark account from the device, you will see duplicate contacts. The only way to remove these duplicates is to ensure the Native Mail Exchange/Woodmark account has been removed, then do some ‘house cleaning’ on the duplicate contacts manually. These contacts will not ‘link’ with other contacts, they simply need to be removed manually.