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AWC uses a web-based application, LiquidFiles, to send and receive large files securely. The application is available at

LiquidFiles has a complete library of online help. Be sure to visit their support site for quick answers to your questions.


Access to LiquidFiles (FileDrop)

To get access, just log in to using your AWC network UserId and password.

You will be given access with your first login. No SolutionCenter request is required for access.   


Log in

Log in to LiquidFiles (FileDrop) at


Outlook plugin for Windows PCs

Read about the plugin for Windows PCs is available for Outlook at

To download the plugin, contact us. Some configuration is needed.


Help and support

Get help with LiquidFiles (FileDrop) on their support website at


Why are we implementing LiquidFiles (FileDrop)?  

Sharing files on the web reduces the load on our email system.

LiquidFiles (FileDrop) is a better way to share files than other alternatives like Drop Box or Google drive because of the enhanced security features.  



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Sign in to LiquidFiles (FileDrop) at