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Improvements to AWC wireless connection are in progress. Improvements will be rolled out in phases.

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What is changing?

What do I need to do?

What is the best part of this?

What happens next?

What is the password to Guest@AWC?


AWC-Corp Wireless Certificate Update 05/15/14

The IT Networking Team is improving the AWC-CORP wireless network by making it more secure and fully scalable. This is part of our continuous improvement to help achieve our 2019 Vision. The following change has already been limitedly deployed for testing and will be effective at all locations throughout this week.

Read the detailed announcement here. (click to expand)


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Announcement to Corporate Office & Visitors:

The IT Networking Team is proud to announce that we will be replacing the existing wireless networking equipment at the Corporate office the week of July 15, 2013.


What is changing?

New Networking Equipment  (click to expand)

Phased Network Improvements


What can I expect?

Two new wireless networks will appear in your Wireless Network Connection list. (click to expand)


What do I need to do?

Nothing.  (click to explain)


What is the best part of this?

Here are just a some of the benefits with the new wireless network. (click to expand)


How YOU can help IT

Yes, YOU have the power to help make the AWC wireless network better for everyone.

While we have new technology with ample capabilities, Wireless is shared between all users and devices.

Please make sure you

turn your Wi-Fi OFF when not in use.

This small act of caring will greatly improve the experience for every user on our network.

A few things to avoid when on wireless (click to expand)  


What happens next?

After all testing is completed, the new wireless networks will be available for the start of the work week on July 15, 2013.

We will be distributing flyers in the Corporate break room and all Corporate conference rooms.

Read the AWC Wireless Network flyer (click to display)

Read the Employee Wireless Access postcard

Read the Guest Wireless Access postcard



About the Wireless Network Connections




AWC Employees


Use your UserName and password to connect

What devices?

Use ANY device – even your own devices


Corporate computers will have full, normal network access


Personal tablets, phones and other computers will have limited web-based access to internal and external systems


You may be prompted to accept a trusted-certificate request





visitors, guests, vendors


The current password is posted on the IT home page and will be changed quarterly


This network is segmented away from internal systems



And always remember:

If you’re docked, turn it off.



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